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Hey all you beautiful fans and followers! We have an awesome announcement today. We recently finished recording with Chris Baldani of Owls in the Attic, and after a lot of logistic work, we’ve found out when we can release the new album, “After Words”. We’re very excited for you all to hear what we’ve worked so hard on. Look out for more announcements in the near future, and get ready to hear an improved For September, better than ever before. Please help us spread the word about the album. Thank you so much for your support; we couldn’t do it without you!

Usually I don’t like alternative music but I got to admit, these guys are good.

Damn I just saw this about Carnifex…

On October 9th, 2012, Lewis announced that the band would be playing their last three shows in California before an indefinite hiatus. He specifically stated that all members were still current and no one has departed from the group. Lewis also stated that he was unsure of the band’s future.

"First and for most, a sincere thank you is in order to our fans and friends across the world. Without your support and passion, we are nothing.

As of now, Carnifex is in a state of suspended animation. The reasons for this are many and complicated. Let me be clear in saying that Shawn, Cory, Ryan, Fred and I(Scott) are all still members of Carnifex. Let me also be clear in saying that although the future is very uncertain, I can say with optimism, that this is not farewell, but rather, until we meet again. Carnifex is now retreating into the obscurity we once came from. Be certain that us as individuals and as band mates have a true love for this band. Our desire to create our brand of art and music has never been about trends or money. These things will not decide our future.

We invite you to join us live, for the last time in the foreseeable future. We will be making these select dates as memorable as possible and look forward to seeing you there.”

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